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Under your skin are strands of connective tissue that connect fat and muscle to the skin. Because fat is very soft, it doesn’t keep our skin taut like muscle does. It also takes up more space, which makes it bulge out like stuffing in a mattress. Cellulite creams do not, and are not legally allowed to, penetrate the dermis. So how can they get rid of cellulite? You see the problem. Women also tend to store most of their bodyfat in the hips, thighs, and buttocks where the skin is thinner and looser than normal skin. This makes the orange peel look much more visible. Men tend to deposit fat in the stomach region rather than the lower body. The stomach is more padded and thus you don’t normally see the cottage cheese appearance there.

As you can see, there is nothing abnormal about cellulite compared to regular fat. The only reason it is more visible in these particular problem areas, is due to placement of bodyfat, and the thickness of the skin.

Unfortunately, even some women with ideal body fat levels will suffer from cellulite. Thats because there are multiple contributing factors that lead to ‘cellulite’.

Have you ever noticed how cellulite was less of a problem even 30 years ago? There are several environmental factors in the modern world that have made cellulite an increasing problem for women. However, this has also helped us pinpoint the root causes of cellulite, and show you how you can stop them in their tracks.

Next, it shows you some very specific and extremely simple dietary adjustments and additions that help alter body composition, regulate harmful hormones, and tighten the skin. This helps tone the muscle and skin, rebuild damaged tissue, and increase collagen production. No weight loss required!

It’s important to note that cellulite is much less of an issue in certain parts of the world compared to others. This is due to specific hormonal influences that affect fat storage and break apart collagen fibers.

These hormonal influences are much more common in countries like the United States, which leads to a much more pronounced cellulite problem. In some countries, cellulite is not an issue at all!

You’ll learn why this is, and what you can do to combat hormonal problems and keep your body in a cellulite fighting state. This helps repair and tighten damaged skin tissue and increase collagen production.

Plus, it also includes my 7 top secret tricks for rapidly tightening the thighs and butt without any exercise or dieting! This is stuff…

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