Our ‘Battle Ads’ system is yet another breakthrough in online traffic generation. If you’ve ever played the game ‘king of the mountain’ as a child, you’ll already have a feel for how Battle Ads works… Unlimited CashBlurbs Members are able to submit one ad per day to our Battle Ads section… Your ad will immediately appear at the top of the page, but others can ‘knock it down’ by clicking on the link to your offer and viewing it for at least 10 seconds. But wait! You can ‘fight back’ by clicking and viewing the offers of those above you, in which case your ad will move back up the page! …There is some real strategy to Battle Ads that you’ll quickly get the hang of when you start using it, which can easily generate some SERIOUS additional traffic to your offers! Note: Battle Ads will be launching in just 2-3 weeks. All other CashBlurbs member benefits are live and available immediately upon login. There is a small fee of $3 per each Battle Ad submission for free members only (and this fee applies only to Battle Ads, specifically). Once again, Unlimited Members receive a FREE (no extra cost) daily Battle Ad submission, meaning an added $90 monthly value!

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