Carpal Tunnel Master – Self-Help for numb, tingling fingers and hands

Do You Get Numbness or Tingling, in Your Hands and Fingers?   Are You Worried About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Let me tell you about Jim (real person but not his real name).  He ordered my Carpal Tunnel Master Program and within less than two days asked for a refund because he said my videos wouldn’t help him at all..

Well two days isn’t enough to know if anything works. So I contacted him. He said he had already tried every kind of stretching and massage technique there was. He even had a doctor give cortisone shots in both wrists. But nothing had helped.

He was a semi-pro dirt bike racer and wanted to turn pro. But within 10 minutes after getting on his bike, his hands would go numb. Some of the races were 3 hours long.

He argued with me saying he had all the symptoms. I told him where his problem was coming from — (something he would have known if he hadn’t skipped the first CORE Video).

The reason nothing had worked for Jim: He Didn’t Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But He Had a Problem. A BIG Problem. And it was stopping him from the career he wanted.

But like a lot of people, Jim never considered any other possibility than carpal tunnel syndrome (and neither did the doctor that gave him the injection).

My name is Hilma Volk. I was 40 years old when I entered massage school back in 1990. And the first day of class the instructor said that carpal tunnel syndrome was a hazard  for massage therapists.

Well, being from the sticks, I didn’t even know what carpal tunnel syndrome was. A classmate who had surgery on both wrists explained it to me. And I wondered why she wanted to become a massage therapist. Of course carpal tunnel syndrome is a hazard for a huge number of occupations: hairdressers, waiters, factory workers, machine operators, musicians, grocery baggers, computer typists, and on and on and on.

In massage school we also had classes in anatomy and physiology, kinesology, hydrotherapy, diseases, and other stuff. Those were taught by chiropractors. And from the many discussions we had about it, I thought I knew a lot about carpal tunnel syndrome.

A few years later I was working at a large resort. At first the shifts were 10 hours long. And my hands and fingers started getting numb. I really scared about losing my fairly new career.

The stretches I learned in massage school weren’t working. In fact they made my problem worse.

I starting looking through every book, magazine article and Internet page on the subject I could find. There were a lot of information on who gets it and why and how many people and industries it affects, and so on  They gave few stretches. The only thing they offered that helped me at all was icing.

So if I didn’t have a massage I would take a bag of…

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