Buy WPHypnoLinks – WP Hypnolinks

WP-Hypnolinks is the most efficient plugin I have ever used for automatically turning text into either internal links for SEO value or affiliate links. This plugin causes virtually no performance degredation and outperforms every other plugin I have tested that has similar functionality and is well worth owning.

For a while now, I wanted a tool that would give me the flexibility of creating affiliate links, deep links, and more, in one swoop. This new plugin has all that I need, and much more. Now I create links in no time, cloak them, rotate them, and it just goes on… I am simply “Hypnotized” with this new gem..

Andy Bailey, maker of CommentLuv, has created a plugin that will simply astound you. I’ve installed this plugin on over 4 sites already and the number is climbing due to the power of this plugin. It’s from Andy Bailey so you know you will get outstanding customer support.

I have been using the pre-release version of Hypnolinks – made by the maker of the acclaimed CommentLuv WordPress plugin -and I love it. Once it is set up it is very easy to use – just what I want from a plugin.

You’re going to read the feature set and they will blow your socks off. Nuff said. When it comes to support, plugin features and value, compatibility and tangible benefits to your blog, then Mr CommentLuv’s latest plugin is a total MUST-HAVE. I’ve already seen a…

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