Big Mike’s Secrets to Lasting Longer in Bed

Get the Industry Secrets from the Gods of Porn so You Too Can Last As Long As You Want. Finally Wipe Out Premature Ejaculation for Good with Big Mike’s Proven, Step-by-step System. 100% Naturally, Without Pills, Creams or Pumps.

Hey Mike! Just wanted to let you know how things turned out! I’ve been in a long distance relationship the past few years, so we only see each other once every few months. I always got overexcited when we had sex because every time the time “gaps” were so big, so I always felt out of practice. And every time I could barely last a few minutes :/ this made me feel really self-conscious, especially since she’s a great girl and I didn’t want to leave her unsatisfied every time… this just frustrated the hell out of me and made me overthink the whole situation, which then just made me ejaculate even faster 🙁 … that’s why I got your program, around two weeks before we saw each other again. And boy, did it work 🙂 I think she never had that many orgasms during one weekend 🙂 I felt so much more powerful and in control, without ever having to pull out quickly or anything like that which just used to totally ruin our flow. And this was only halfway into the program! So thanks a lot for your guide and putting this out there. It’s just such a relief.

Mike! You’re the man! 🙂 I have to admit I was a bit skeptical… but man… thanks so much for this! My girlfriend was getting really frustrated because I always came in just a few minutes. I just couldn’t stop the urge when it started. Your program worked like a charm! Last night we had sex I think longer than ever before and she finally had an orgasm. I felt so relieved and she was just shocked that I could last that long. She definitely didn’t expect it! This morning she even gave me a BJ, and I didn’t even ask for it 🙂 So I guess I’ve got you to thank 🙂 all the best bro,Waiting for your next book!

I’ve had premature ejaculation ever since I was 16. At that age, I thought that not lasting long was normal and that I would last longer as I got more experience… Sadly, that was not the case. I’m almost 30 now.

To be honest, I didn’t even think too much about it until about 6 months ago. I was in the long-term relationship with a girl I loved and was ready to settle down with, and she told me that my short lasting time was not a big deal and that she was fine with the way things were.

Well, that all changed when I accidently logged into her Facebook and saw her exchange with her boss – they were sleeping together for the last couple of years… and…

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