Banish Tonsil Stones, Say Bye to Those Painful & Disgusting Lumps

I know how it feels to think at first that you can just cope with your tonsil stones and get through life without treating them. I understand what it’s like to have a boyfriend and not want to kiss him because your are embarrassed of your foul breath.

I remember what it felt like to be so ashamed of having this condition, trying to hide it from friends, family, even my partner. You’re not alone. I went through exactly the same roller coaster ride of emotions that anyone with tonsil stones goes through.

What if I told you there was a simple, easy and cheap way to permanently get rid of your tonsil stones for good without surgery?

My problems started when I was just 18 years old. When I first spotted these foul, smelly "balls" clumped on my tonsils, I thought I might have an infection in my throat, maybe even tonsillitis.

There really wasn’t much pain associated with them but they eventually started appearing in my mouth as well as my tonsils. I would sometimes even cough them up. At this point, I thought I better go to the doctor.

After quite a lot of poking and prodding, the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and asked me to come back in when I had finished taking them.

Ten days later, I had finished the antibiotics but the tonsil stones were still present. So, my doctor prescribed more antibiotics, this time a different kind. But, after taking antibiotics twice, the tonsil stones were unphased and still in my throat. I just hoped they would go away on their own.

Eventually, I became convinced these stones were just food that was stuck in my throat. I would get a long Q-tip or even a chopstick and attempt to dislodge what was there but I was unable to remove them with these methods.

The specialist told me they were quite common and went on to describe the process by which the tonsil stones form.

Food particles were being trapped in the tiny crevasses on my tonsils. Over time the food would rot and cause bacteria in my throat, hence the foul smell and bad breath.

Then he told me the only solution to getting rid of tonsil stones was to undergo surgery and have my tonsils removed!

I had never had surgery before in my life and was very nervous so I did what any normal person does, I "googled" it on the Internet.

I did some research and found out the average recovery time for an adult having a tonsillectomy was at least 3 weeks, sometimes even longer. I could not afford to miss work for 3 weeks!

Then I read horror story after horror story about how painful the procedure was for an adult. How you couldn’t eat or drink for weeks. And how you had to stay all drugged up to numb the pain.

But the ear, nose, and throat specialist had told me that I would…

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