Autoresponder Madness — Monster Profits from Tiny Lists

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula (an obvious choice) and Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness.

I consider ARM required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and powerful in terms of the results I’ve seen."

… But, like I said, Matt’s an underground marketer. So you’ve prob’ly never heard of him before. So here’s two marketers that you prob’ly do know — Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher.

Earlier this year (January 2012) at their annual Traffic & Conversion Summit in Austin, Ryan & Perry had this to say (from stage) about yours truly and Autoresponder Madness:

For the record, I wasn’t at their Traffic & Conversion Summit. So it was a complete surprise when they endorsed ARM (ARM being short for ‘AutoResponder Madness’) from stage.

Point is, I knew Ryan loved Autoresponder Madness. Because a year earlier — after he had just purchased ARM — he sent me this email:

"Seriously, it’s the best course I’ve gone through all year and I’m only on Day-9!"

… which is exactly what he did. Because by January 2012 they had almost fully integrated "ARM methodologies" into all of their email marketing.

This video snippet is funny. Because (apparently) I’ve "trained" Ryan Deiss to act like a dog 🙂

(BTW: Feel free to "swipe" that email of mine that Ryan reads in the video. It’s a gift from me to you for taking the time to read this page.)

It’s an (advanced) email marketing course that teaches a framework of methodologies that’ll have your subscribers begging you to…

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