Assoicate King – Amazon Associate Marketing Suite is the world’s largest ecommerce website and its Amazon Associates program is the worlds largest affiliate program. With Amazon Associates you can choose from over a million products to promote and get paid a commission when one of your customers buys a product. Amazon pays out millions of dollars in commissions every month with top associates making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you already have an Associates account you know that trying to sort though over a million products to find one to promote can be a daunting and time consuming task. Then building a web page to promote your product, you could invest over an hour on just one product. If you’re thinking there has to be a better way there is, get your copy of Associate King today!

Amazon Product Research Associate King’s Amazon research engine helps you find products to promote by allowing you to search by keyword or product category or keyword in a product category and by price. The Associate King research engine will then return up to the top 50 selling products based on your search criteria. The research engine will also return an image of the product (so you know what you are promoting if you are unfamiliar with the product), the list and best prices for the products and also the potential commissions you would make each time one of your leads buys the product.

The potential commission is a key item to focus on because you want to…

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