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”I Was Fired By The Airlines. This Guide Is My Revenge! "

"It’s so easy for me to fly for less, it’s like taking candy from a helpless baby! I spend almost next to nothing on all my travels, and my jaw drops every time as I watch what others just like you are paying for your tickets. At last, the shocking truth will be revealed in my explosive guide on how to travel for less – the same guide that my ex-boss is having nightmares about every day!"

CRITICAL UPDATE: Upon completion of this guide, I have received multiple threatening letters from major airline companies. Authorities from a number of major airlines have contacted my attorney in numerous occasions to try and forever ban this information from ever being released to the public! I’ve wriggled through untold legal struggles with numerous major airline authorities in order to bring forth this explosive information to you. My mission is to save YOU money. I have toiled every step, and will fight every obstacle to provide you with the classified air savings information that airline companies are panicking about every minute of the day!

"I am truly impressed with the information you offered. My wife and I went on a trip to Toronto with another couple. We stayed over a week and received discounts on both our tickets as well as condo. Our friends paid full price for their tickets, while we saved a little over $450.00 in this trip." – Rebecca Eidson of Martinez, GA

"We have saved thousands from traveling over the last year. We recently visited Los Angeles for a weekend stay. Using the information from your guide we managed to cut our roundtrip cost down to less than $100 from an initial $338! – Greg & Margie Norman of Chicago, IL

I’ve been threatened with legal action; I’ve been harassed with midnight phone calls; I’ve been begged and pleaded with; and when all else failed; they even tried filing damage charges against me for releasing confidential secrets to the public. I’ve even broken a career-long friendship with my boss in order to bring to you this mind-boggling guide. [To Paul if you are reading this: I’m sorry, but I did tell you that firing me was one big mistake you’ll later regret!]. They even tried to re-hire me earlier this year with an unheard-of 27% salary increase in a desperate attempt to make amends and stop me from letting loose of this wild information. "No thank you" were my last words before I hung up the phone. I’ve spilled my heart out for the big airline corporations for over 16 years. Now, let me have a chance to be on your side.

Here’s just a tiny sneak-peek preview of the kind of beyond-belief information you can expect to discover in my guide:

How to manipulate airline companies’ ticket pricing computer systems to give you thousands of discounts on your ticket! I’ve had a customer getting…

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