Affiliate rewarder

Recent statistics from our last 7 launches showed that creating an affiliate contest can easily boost your sales up to 106.47%!! This means affiliate rewarder is capable of more than doubling your sales over the contest period!

Be it a Political Party, Be it a Game/Sport, or Be it a Student or be it a Family person….Every one has a drive to Win in his or her respective fields…and the Joy of winning is tremendous, unexplainable, and a Glory which he or she would like to share with all…….the Pride and Glory cannot be explained…..Imagine how proud, not only the winner feels, but also the approval from friends and family……this shows, that if one aims to achieve something and concentrates on it without diverting their minds, they are sure to achieve their Goal.

Everyone Loves Prizes! In truth, and we as publishers know this (and so should you!) prizes are only a different showcase for money. Practically speaking you could just offer money prizes and have the same contest in essence. However that would be a HUGE MISTAKE… Why? Because people need to know what the money is worth.. they need to associate in their mind money with items they like to have or are in demand right now! Iphones, Cars, Motorcycles, Cruises on the Caribbean… in essence money.. but oh so MUCH MORE as prizes!

Up to this very day contests have been run manually behind closed doors… and affiliates have been…

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