Adwords Reinvented

I’ll talk in detail why you can do both Cost per Action/Acquisition or Cost per Sale and their respective advantages. I’ll explain which CPA networks to apply and which pay the most per Action or a lead.

Yes, there are some mom & pop networks out there who would do just that or dispute your commissions for no reason.

Therefore, you need to know who your ‘friends’ are. Maybe you are already aware that there are so many affiliate networks out there rejecting newbie applications.

I’ll show you how to get approved into networks and what is the mind set of network approvers when they are looking at your application.

No matter what you have heard of "free" traffic, I’ll talk about the advantages which are so enormous that they outweigh the so called organic traffic manifold.

PPC will provide you immediate results so that you the marketer can make a go or no go decision on that offer.

Yes, you don’t have to wait for 3-4 months and wish that your hard work is paying back, PPC is quick, easy and highly profitable.

Now combine PPC with the CPA offers that I’m going to show you. These CPA offers are well know brand that people are searching for.

And that’s what they type – a keyword. This video shows how I do keyword research – both free and paid methods.

Yes, you can find it right here and it’s so easy that you’ll be flabbergasted. If you master keyword research…

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