A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann

You have found the home of some of the most RARE and POWERFUL content available anywhere in the world offline or online – please have a look around.

We also have a powerful affliate program that offers 60% commission for these digital downloadble products: Affiliate Program

Also, we have an energy technology products line that includes the world’s most powerful Tesla technology battery chargers from EnergenX and the industry standard fluid conditioning technology by Magnetizer.

Bedini SG – The Authorized Beginner’s Handbook – "The Bedini SG Is A Right Of Passage For Anyone Seeking REAL Free Energy! Save Thousands Of Hours Of Research, Trial & Error! For The First Time Ever, The Entire Bedini SG Circuit Process Is Revealed All In One Place."


The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor – "E.V. Gray’s Motor is One of the Most Sought After Technologies in the History of Exotic Energy Science. What You are About to Learn is the Real Story of Ed Gray and the Astonishing Path He Travelled to Develope, Prove, and Eventually Lose Control of This Incredible Technology."

Advanced Motor Secrets – "Scientists and Engineers Have Always Told Us That Electric Motors ‘Convert’Electrical Energy Into Mechanical Energy. Apparently, That’s Not True! It Is Now Clear That Electric Motors Can Be Designed To Produce Mechanical Energy AND Recover Most Of The Electricity They Are Running On! This Turns The Idea Of ‘Conversion’ On It’s Head!!"

Perpetual Motion Reality – "The Natural World is in Perpetual Motion…

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