A ClickBank Search Engine on your website. Earn $$$ per sale

The Banner Add options shown above, and to the right are easy to place on your website, and involve nothing more complex than … placing a SINGLE LINE of HTML code on your website of blog. Go ahead. Try the search engine on the right and see what happens. These results could just as easily appear on YOUR website … and when anyone purchases an item via the link, YOU gain the commission!!

Don’t Like Our Product? Request A "No Questions Asked" Refund You have up to 60 Days to try this software. If during that period you decide the software is not for you, simply contact ClickBank who will give you a prompt "No Questions Asked" refund. Note: If you cancel your software, any Virtual Real Estate pages you have created will remain active on our CB-Wizard server … but sales will be credited to OUR account. Similarly, any Search Engine results from search boxes left on your website will still earn you commission, but the software will revert to the "Free" version.

You will also receive an email inviting you to subscribe to our newsletter. This will inform you of other ventures you might like to consider promoting. We will not send SPAM, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Your email address will not be passed to other vendors

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